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              CAR-WASHING SHOPS
              SWIMMING POOL
              Where do you want to use the multifunctional interlocking floor tiles?

              Most cost-effective multifunctional interlocking floor tiles.

              For years, Zhengbang has been endeavoring to provide new solution for the problems of flooring and has become the leader in this industry and now we are serving customer from all over the world with our outstanding quality and service.

              Longer service life than competitors.

              With high-quality material, our special formula and advanced equipment and technology, we can provide you products that can stand rough usage.

              Perfect design to suit different purpose

              With many years of experience and tests, we have been improving our products to achieve higher performance and now we have upgraded our products to the third generation.

              Excellent after-sale service

              We provide you longer quality guarantee to save your troubles though our tiles won’t break in normal usage for years.

              Many different designs at your choice.


              Fireproof tiles

              HEAVY LOAD TILES

              PVC TILES


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